Damson Audio Twist Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Designed to deliver great full range audio including serious bass.
Minimal design features–no buttons just twist to play.
Stylish design engineered from aluminum.

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Product Description

Damson Twist

Twist. It Shouts!
Twist to Go

Twist to Go

Using Damson’s Incisor Diffusion Technology, Twist amplifies sound by using almost any surface you place it on.

Weighing in at a reassuring 12oz, this aluminium tin can is hefty enough to survive everyday knocks and use yet is small and compact enough to be easily slung in a backpack and be taken out wherever your travels take you. It’s roughly the same as a full can of soda.

With its sleek lines and elegant design Twist will complement any desk or side table that it is placed next to, it has also been designed to complement today’s array of smart devices and is compatible with most smartphones, tables and PCs.

Syncing simplicity

Syncing Simplicity
So How Does it Work?

It’s actually quite easy, just twist to Bluetooth for wireless operation

Then sync up your device, which should take no more than 20 seconds. Once you’ve synced up once Twist will remember your device, so just Twist and your last song will come blasting out without needing to press any buttons on your audio device.

Once you’ve synced up, hit play and wait for the magic to begin. The Incisor Diffusion Technology comes into play now.

Drop Twist onto almost any surface – tables, coffee tables, car hoods, windows, refrigerators all sound great. The best surfaces are those that offer a bit of resonance, like wood, glass, metals, even cardboard.

Anything is a Speaker!

Anything is a Speaker

The picture says it all– even a coffee cup works to amplify sound.

Many speakers this size suffer from a lack of bass, or a “tinny” sound quality. Twist has been optimized to offer high performance of lower frequencies like bass without compromising the sparkle you expect from higher frequencies like vocals or electric guitars.

Two’s a Party

Twist also allows you to daisy chain speakers together. If one Twist isn’t powerful enough for you, just connect two together for twice the power.

Technical Specs

Why don’t we quote watts? Simple, because Twist uses Incisor Diffusion Technology– it relies upon the surface that you place Twist on to amplify the Sound output is really dependent upon the size of the surface, the smaller the surface the smaller the output sound, the bigger, the bigger the sound. Twist will cause that inner scientist inside you to come out; it will be nearly impossible to not experiment and try to find the “best” surface.

Place Twist on a window and you’ll be amazed that you’re hearing sound on both sides of the window. Perfect for parties or barbecues, just fix the twist to the window with the metal mount (available as an optional accessory) and you’ll hear the sound both inside and out. If you’re a fan of listening to music in the shower, just mount the Twist to the outside of the shower screen and you’re good to go.

Twist comes in a range of four stylish colors; red, blue, silver or black. It has a built in battery that provides enough power to listen to your tunes for up to 9 hours depending upon the type of audio and volume it’s played back at.

Designed to deliver great full range audio including serious bass.
Minimal design features–no buttons just twist to play.
Stylish design engineered from aluminum.
Works with almost anything. If it has a 3.5mm jack it will work! Streams wirelessly with devices that support A2DP including smartphones, tablets, etc.
Serious bass. Everywhere. 1 Lithium Ion battery (contained in the unit)

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